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Hi, we're Aqui & Co.

Nice to meet you.

Aqui & Co. Owners

We are so happy to see you here to get to know us!

We're a small but mighty, women-owned business.

Aqui & Co. started with our mom's dream in our hearts and minds.

First, let us introduce you to our mom, her name is Aquilina.

Sadly, she's no longer with us here on earth, but will always live in our hearts.

She once told us...

"The world will not stop spinning, child. Go on, move forward."

- Mom

Yes, this taught us to keep moving forward no matter what the world may bring us. 

As a way of honoring her, we made Aqui & Co. come to life.

This is our way of telling her that everyday we do our best to move forward.

We named our company after her, Aqui, because in Spanish it translates to "here".

For us, she will always be "here" in our hearts and minds no matter where life takes us.

Our mom always enjoyed making something out of nothing.

Handcrafting things brought joy to her and she always dreamed of sharing this to many.

She had a big and loving heart and always wanted to give whatever she can to all those around her.

She passed on her love and talent in crafting to us.

So here we are today, wanting to continue her legacy and fulfilling her dream,

making the things we see, need, and love to use everyday with much passion and love.

We're here to bring color to your day and

help make it a better + brighter place to live in.

Just like how our mom brought much color to our lives, we want to carry this on and share it with you.

With the little actions we take, we make an impact, big or small.

Our products are handmade with love in the City of Angels, and with planet earth in mind,

we're taking the steps we can to help reduce plastic waste.

We use materials that are eco-friendly in every way we can - from the elastics to product packaging.

We're proud to share that we partnered with companies that are leading the way to a sustainable future.


So come follow our journey and join the Aqui family!

Together we can help make a difference and make this place we live in a better place for us and the future.


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